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When it came to online gambling, New Zealand used to be one of the countries left behind by online casino regulation. Local gamblers trying to play at a casino that accepted NZ$ bets traditionally did not have a great variety. Recently the gambling regulations that govern online casinos in New Zealand have been relaxed which opened the way for about 30 regulated European casinos to start offering to take NZ$-based bets. This is great news for the Kiwi gamblers that has previously had little choice in where to play exciting table games like Craps. For a comparison site of new New Zealand-facing casinos, their game providers and bonus structure, see here { }. You can also find some research on online Craps and casinos that offer it.

Some background on Craps

Craps is traditionally a game played with a pair of dice where players bet on the outcome of a series of dice rolls. One theory is that the game originated when Roman soldiers rolled pig bones on their shields. Another theory credits an Arabic game 'Al Dar' as the starting point in the 12th century. Another story is that Sir William of Tyre invented the game in the Crusades and named it after a castle called 'Hazarth'. This game became popular in French taverns can was referred to as 'Crapaud', meaning 'toad' which was a reference to the way people hunched when playing on the floor. When the game reached US shores, John Winn introduced the 'don't pass' option and his version continued to flourish.

  • Roman - pig bones on shields
  • Arabic - 'Al Dar'
  • William of Tyre - Hazarth
  • French Taverns - 'Crapaud'
  • John Winn - Father of modern Craps

When the Internet became a commercial vehicle for e-commerce companies in the mid-1990 it was logical that gambling will soon follow. Whereas the aim was to fully replicate a land-based casino in the online realm, the early problem that faced Craps was the animation of the rolling dice. However, modern graphic technology soon overcame this with the introduction of rich 3D graphical interfaces. Another advancement came when Live Dealer casinos were introduced online which more closely replicated a real casino environment. The only remaining part that the online world struggles with is the social aspect of the game. For the rest, there is a magnitude of support of the craps player on the internet, from reviews to simulators.


How Craps work

The game play of Craps is really straight forward. The player bets on a bet option and rolls the dice. Really easy. Things get a bit more tricky when the players wants to play with a Craps strategy and needs to understand the basic Craps betting options. Craps is not really a game of strategy although knowledge of craps bets and rules are handy to know. There are two main rules that the player needs to consider in Craps. One is the 'Pass bet' and there is also the 'No Pass' bet. In the 'Pass bet', players place their wagers on the 'Pass' area. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, the the player wins. If a 2, 3 or 12 is rolled, the player loses.

There is also the 'No pass' option. By wagering on this option, the player is basically betting that the craps shooter will loose. The player wins if the dice rolls a 2 or 3 but if a 12 occurs, then no-one is a winner. On a 7 or 11, then the player looses. There are also other betting options if the player is at a more advanced level. There is the 'Come Bet' that can be placed while a Craps round is in progress. Similarly there is also the 'Don't Come bet' that also occurs while a round is in play. A 'Place bet' is when a players bets that his chosen number will occur before a 7 is rolled.

Playing online Craps in New Zealand

Now that the New Zealand online gambling landscape is opening up, players can expect a new and improved selection of casino games which includes the whole gamut from online pokies right through to table games featuring Roulette and Craps. Players that would like to try out the new breed of European casinos and the versions of Craps they will introduce into the market, are encouraged to brush up on their Craps knowledge and the rules. To employ a strategy of sorts will be beneficial but it is recommended that a free-play casino is used to practise. May casinos will offer their games portfolios for free play so that players can first get an idea of how the casino operates.

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