Online Keno Game History and Concepts

Online keno applies similar rules and game concepts to those of land-based casinos. Read below to learn more about its basic strategies.

Online keno is a popular casino game. It's similar to Powerball, an American Lottery game. As you play, your duty is to match the selected numbers to the ones the game chooses at random. Simply click on the numbers between 1 and 80 to choose anything from 1 and 15 numbers. Your winning is directly proportional to the numbers you hit. The payouts and odds change based on how many numbers you opt to play. This article outlines important keno concepts. Visit za-onlinecasino to learn more about online casinos.

Meaning of Online Keno and Its Origin

The name Keno can be attributed to two languages. As a Latin word derived from "quini", keno means "five each". On the other hand, using the French language, keno is derived from the word "Quine" which means "five winning numbers". It is a game of sheer luck and chance. Surprisingly, this exciting game never originated from Europe as most people would think. It's a highly acceptable fact that the game of keno is of Chinese origin despite the fact that there are no documents to substantiate this allegation by historians.

The allegations made by various Chinese legends state that during the ancient wars, keno was used as a viable strategy to raise funds for building the Great Wall of China. The first document that relates to keno was initially developed in 1847 when Macau was marked as among the few places where people could play keno legally. Given the advanced popularity of keno, operators of lotteries decided to use pigeons to relay results to remote villagers who were enthusiastic about playing keno.

Real Money Versus Free keno

Quite a good number of casinos offer both real money keno games and free to play keno games. Playing a few free to play keno games enables a player to horn their skills and jog their mind in preparation for real-money countering. However, we cannot turn our eyes blind to the fact that playing real money keno games is more exciting and rewarding. By playing free keno casino games, you never risk your hard-earned money but at the same time, you are able to gain valuable experience.

Online Keno Basics and Rules

Keno is generally a simple game to play, no wonder most newbie casino players prefer it to other online casino games. For far too long, the game of online keno has undergone an evolution, and at the current times, online keno has quite a number of variants just like online poker varients. As you sign up with an online casino, you should take your time and visit the section of keno games to see the number of keno variants that are available for you to play. Always:

  • Consider two or three casinos offering online keno games
  • Determine which casino has more keno variants
  • Pick a casino with the highest number of variants since it will provide you with a variety to play

Although online keno is such a simple game, it is always advisable that you brush up on its rules. There are three key elements that every player needs to keep in mind. First is that if you are playing real money keno online, you are always in control of when exactly each game commences. The second rule stipulates that although the keno board has a total of 80 numbers, you cannot choose all of them. The casino you play dictates the total numbers you can choose.


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